Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Third time's the charm

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This was the day where I had to go to the A&E due to a fish bone getting stuck in my throat for the third time in my life. Don't know if suay or stupid -__- I was telling Rm about it and she was like "people once bitten twice shy, you once stuck no learn, twice stuck no fear, third time stuck really no luck" LOL I seriously can't eat fish for nuts!!!! The day started out great, going to Jh's place to chill while waiting for his dad and brother to be home then head out for dinner. Ended up in the A&E hahahaha fuck

Waited for several hours at the hospital and Jh & his mom accompanied me the whole time. I felt so bad! They even watched the doctor take the bone out from my nose ok. Yes you did not misread - nose. It was too far in, already stuck at the entrance to my lungs. Therefore the doc had to stick a tube down my nose and pull the bone out slowly. Phew, glad that's over. Almost died during the process because it was so damn painful :'( Most embarrassing thing was that I was having dinz with Jh's whole family when it happened ok……. plus waste my $115 sigh pie *heart pain*