Saturday, January 04, 2014

Christmas '13

Christmas is long over but here's how mine went!
Let's skip ahead to the visuals while I type little captions underneath.

Part 1:
 photo IMG_7477_zpsd85b3918.jpg
Lunch was spent at my mom's aunt's house, who is kinda like my 3rd grandma.

 photo IMG_7484_zpse79b5e29.jpg
We had chinese style x'mas lunch hahaha DIY popiah & kueh pie tee

 photo IMG_7459_zps0ac18d25.jpg
Vain pot brother doing his thing

 photo IMG_7492_zpse2d3b940.jpg
Not forgetting fried bee hoon & grilled chicken wings mmm...

 photo IMG_7508_zpsbbe6db91.jpg
 photo IMG_7500_zps50763be2.jpg
 photo IMG_7489_zpse1a72f37.jpg
Dad with his overflowing pie tee

 photo IMG_7479_zps649f4fab.jpg
 photo IMG_7455_zpsa26c6b66.jpg
 photo IMG_7517_zps4d41d984.jpg
What's Christmas without a log cake?! Hehe

 photo IMG_7495_zps47716628.jpg
Caught stealing some ferreros, what's new

 photo IMG_7519_zpse86f7ccf.jpg
 photo IMG_7521_zps2151fa16.jpg

Part 2:
 photo IMG_7522_zps8bd5e3b6.jpg
Second part of the day was dinner time spent at Ciwei's place ^-^ We bought chicken because well, a turkey was too big for us to finish and not to mention, very pricey. Plus we had a whole lot of other food, thanks to Dhiv who brought some indian food over!

 photo IMG_7536_zps5f28915f.jpg
 photo IMG_7544_zps0199ae46.jpg
 photo IMG_7563_zpsd8ebe57f.jpg
The happy boys with their advance birthday presents from us! (Yx wasn't holding his because it didn't arrive on time)

 photo IMG_7557_zps2596989e.jpg
All set and ready to dig in!!! We had ham salad, a whole roasted chicken, german sausages, tomato soup, creamy clam chowder soup, mutton curry, chicken curry, fish curry and biryani rice. Super fulfilling~

 photo IMG_7561_zps131e2f4d.jpg

Yet another amazing christmas :)
365 days till the next one!