Thursday, January 09, 2014

DIY pouches

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 photo IMG_7709_zps53c40599.jpg
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 photo IMG_7740_zps8218582a.jpg
 photo IMG_7751_zps996a7694.jpg

Extremely cute outer space drawstring pouches for you? Hahahaha nah, none for you! Bought the mini roll of cloth from some random shop in chinatown at only $4 odd, my fav aunt & I immediately thought of making pouches the moment we saw it. Went home and with the help of my aunt & Karomah, we made those!! Used old shoelaces as the strings, genius or what.

I contributed by cutting cloth, putting the shoelaces through and of course, eye power. #whatIdobest Aunt was in charge of designing and measuring while Karomah was obviously in charge of the sewing. So fun ^-^ Using my pouch to store my extra cam lens on days when I decide to bring it along with me. Will probably make a DIY sling bag in the future, if I happen to see other cloths with cute prints!