Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Jinghan's 24th

Finally found the time to sort out my pictures and generate an update!

Jh's birthday was on 27 December so on the 26th, I went to get a slice of cake from parkway before heading down to Cw's house to kill time. So thankful for that girl, always damn steady and also allowing me to wait at her place even though she was dead beat after work! We spent 2 hours plus watching random trailers on youtube.

I left at around 11.30pm, cabbed down to Jh's place and with the help of his best friend Fai, tricked him into leaving his house at midnight. He didn't even suspect a thing hehe surprise success!!!! ;)

 photo IMG_7574_zps3d6f7fec.jpg
 photo IMG_7575_zps3c1a12aa.jpg
 photo IMG_7628_zpsdcfcbf27.jpg
Because I love overexposed pictures

 photo IMG_7619_zpsa2f6d818.jpg
 photo IMG_7629_zps0bdc837e.jpg
 photo IMG_7598_zpsad2473c5.jpg
With my handsome boy

 photo IMG_7631_zpsafc89a37.jpg
I got super excited cuz' it was a life sized moving toy train!

 photo IMG_7647_zps9a8beb05.jpg
 photo IMG_7661_zpsde292375.jpg
Time to spam the salmon sashimi as usual

 photo IMG_7664_zps4cb44090.jpg
 photo IMG_7666_zps2bc01d21.jpg
 photo IMG_7657_zpsf834a691.jpg
Still spamming the sashimi~~~

 photo IMG_7678_zps6866fbea.jpg
 photo IMG_7681_zps260a9b1e.jpg
They had ramen & loklok this time round

 photo IMG_7683_zps1efa2d28.jpg
Why do you have to be so adorbs?

 photo IMG_0393_zps608dcbf3.jpg
Tried out a neat bun but didn't quite like it so I removed it. I still prefer my messy bun!

 photo IMG_7687_zps516069fd.jpg
 photo IMG_7682_zps828c2de3.jpg
His shitty birthday "cake" I put together from the dessert area. I figured since he already ate his cake and made his wishes at midnight, it wasn't necessary to have another one!

 photo IMG_7698_zpsc2884744.jpg
Always bully me :(

 photo IMG_7690_zps1325009f.jpg
 photo IMG_7702_zpsaa505669.jpg

So yep I stayed over at his place of course. Hehe damn happy I finally get to stay over with my b ^-^ The next morning we had simple lunch downstairs and took our own sweet time to prepare. If I remember correctly, we were watching a movie while snuggling in the sheets before lunch. Either that or we were just lazing around. I can't remember which day is which already, memory failing me.

Headed to town for a movie and we caught 47 Ronin - which was good! I saw the trailer and assumed it to be boring so I was quite reluctant to watch it but it ended up proving me otherwise. Learnt not to judge a movie by its trailer! Haha #lame #itry But they should have given zombie boy more screen time, since he is all over the billboards and posters. Turns out he only had like 2 lines lol.

Anyway after the movie we went to have dinner at Chiso Zanmai. It's my third time there and I guess you can say that their food is not bad? I like going there only because it has a wide range of food (not to mention unlimited salmon sashimi) and is quite affordable, about $35 per head.

Walked around Clarke Quay to digest and sat by the river just spending time together, talking about anything & everything. Simple but t'was a nice way to end off the day ♥