Friday, January 31, 2014


Just a short update on this week -

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Making full use of my MC and spending the afternoon with poop followed by meeting the bff & her bf for dinner. We had Manhattan's and they introduced us to this flaming prawns dish which was pretty good! It really was flaming. Literally.

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What I love about helium foil balloons? They stay up there for a really long time ^-^

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Second day this week and I was still on MC so yep.. went for some job briefing/interview sesh (after my second blood test to prove that I have fully recovered) which I turned down cuz I found it to be a tad bit ridiculous. Accompanied poop for a few hours till his shift ended then we had uddz for supper yay finally

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Who doesn't love sharks fin?! YUM. (Fyi those who pretend to be kind and call it cruel just go fuck yourselves cuz like that might as well don't eat anything? Kill chicken and fish also cruel what. Eat veg also cruel what. Plants have feelings also y'know?)

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Just snapped some of my favourites

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This was today, reunion lunch with my family at some restaurant then 2 reunion dinners at both sides. Busy us going all over the place hahaha same thing tomorrow! Long day tmr and yet I just got home. I better crash right after posting this. Extremely sleepy especially since I woke up super early for work this morning ~.~ Even though its only half day of work today I'm so not used to waking up early after being on MC for close to 2 weeks!

恭喜发财 huat ah!!!!!