Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sky high

Just my previous week in low quality jpegs -

 photo Photoon4-1-14at548PM3_zps021d1c68.jpg
Sitting in my aunt's balcony tumblrin' and people watching at the same time

 photo IMG_0701_zps486c76e6.jpg
 photo IMG_0703_zps2d038fdd.jpg
 photo IMG_0713_zps203fc4bc.jpg
The day I met Cw after work for dinz ^-^ I'm always full of smiles when I'm with her!

 photo IMG_0909_zps5bd442f4.jpg
 photo IMG_0914_zps0b8f53e7.jpg
 photo IMG_0908_zpsd77beb6e.jpg
The day I met my besties after work and didn't bother to change out of my work outfit which resulted in them calling me small girl / auntie for the rest of the night. Sigh pie~

 photo IMG_1001_zpsa7a5f5b4.jpg

Sitting behind the mac churning up a short update while my temperature is still at 38 degrees. Those who follow me on instagram (@secretnudges) would know that I've been really sick since Friday.

It really sucks because ever since I joined this childcare job I'm always falling ill? Don't know how many MCs I have taken already. Worst part is I'm on probation so I don't get paid. So it's like I have to pay to visit the doc's but I don't get paid for the day that I'm absent from work -___- Plus it's not like I wanted to be sick. I think all of the viruses were spread to me from the kids in the childcare lor?! Almost everyday there are kids with fever and what not.

Ok enough of my rant. I need to get some rest soon.
Taking close to 21 tablets in a day is no joke :( I am about to puke.