Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Ushering in the new year

How I spent my new year's eve -

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 photo IMG_0564_zps93f49fe9.jpg
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Super impromptu plan. At first my sec school bros invited me over to Squek's place for a drinking sesh but he lives at West freaking Coast which is at the exact opposite of where I live so there was no way in hell I was travelling all the way there and then cabbing all the way back. Ended up with no plans in the end and intended to stay home since I detest crowds anyway, but Fai (Jh's best friend) & his girlfriend Nad called and asked us out at the very last minute. So yay we had a plan! Hahaha. Went to some riverside park to watch fireworks and chill, Fai brought his mini shisha thingy which was super cool cuz I've never seen a mini one before.


2013 has been an amazing year for me despite some horrible incidents. There was the break up, the transition from being a student to being a working adult which I still can't handle, realizing that only true friends stick around, getting robbed in Phuket, missing a flight for the first time in my life, suffering from the torturous HFMD and having a fish bone stuck in my throat twice in a year.

However, the plenty of positive things make up for it. I finally graduated with a diploma, I spent a lot of time with my loved ones, I had an amazing birthday (probably second best so far), I did a paid advert for an online shop (even though it paid peanuts but its still something to me) and last but not least, I met someone new - whom for the first time in my life I suspect is my soulmate (which is rare for a person like me). So yes, it has been one hell of an experience - a year filled with ups and downs and yet I surprisingly managed to stay happy ^-^

Now to usher the new year in with some resolutions:
1. Stay healthy & happy
2. Get my driving license
3. Find a job I can genuinely look forward to every morning
4. Fly overseas with my best friends
5. Save $$

May 2014 be even better than the last!