Monday, January 27, 2014

White lies and curfews

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We only sat at this table for the sake of pictures, it's too crammed for food.

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Feasting at my favourite pizza place

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My sister from another mister

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Leftovers missing Val

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I  have retarded friends hahaha

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Accidental shot but can see my shirt details so just upload

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Met up with the leftovers about 2 weeks ago? Before I fell sick and got cut off from the world for the longest time ever. Val couldn't make it so it was just the four of us. Had a really late dinner after work cuz Jess & I were late hahaha what's new~ Over ordered as usual but it's fine because when I'm at Pizza Hut, I really just want to eat everything. Many people dislike Pizza Hut but it's honestly my favourite pizza place! I love thick crust pizzas hehe

We went to chill at Starbucks after that and stayed past midnight just talking, as usual. Mom surprisingly didn't call to nag even though it was already past my curfew, which only means one thing - I am growing up!!! Yay to more freedom! Time to abuse it and go clubbing after I quit my job. Nah just kidding, I dislike alcohol and dancing so clubbing is like the first thing on my hate list. I met the girls to bake yesterday but more on that another time. Will probably see them again real soon ;)