Monday, February 03, 2014

Baking lesson

 photo IMG_7303_zpsd7ad4cd3.jpg
 photo IMG_7239_zpsad5ed162.jpg
Lovely shade of blue

 photo IMG_7243_zps2e5eb3b1.jpg
 photo IMG_7248_zps8a0cb0ce.jpg
 photo IMG_7261_zps7d344865.jpg
Val let Jess & I do the piping hehe

 photo IMG_7272_zps1ae0735f.jpg
 photo IMG_7267_zpsf5fdfc32.jpg
Me sucking at it... BIG TIME. All totally out of proportion hahaha

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 photo IMG_7292_zps2873a299.jpg
 photo IMG_7277_zps761ceab6.jpg
The "teacher" doing her thing

 photo IMG_7280_zps8cbf76c4.jpg
While we camwhore

 photo IMG_7320_zpsbba6695d.jpg
The colour faded from tiffany blue to mint green after baking

 photo IMG_7321_zps7751e57b.jpg
Very pleased with the final product ^-^

 photo IMG_7322_zps8d2af79a.jpg
 photo IMG_7325_zpsab795dcb.jpg
Cookies and cream filling

 photo IMG_7315_zps52d19de9.jpg
 photo IMG_7333_zps3f4fbe61.jpg
My personal creation with the food marker (yes its edible)

 photo IMG_7312_zps092d20b6.jpg
 photo IMG_7336_zps6dbe2531.jpg
 photo IMG_7340_zpsbfce4ab7.jpg
 photo IMG_7342_zps3de8254e.jpg
These were really good - melts in the mouth!

 photo IMG_7286_zps7e590a8e.jpg

Last Sunday Jess & I went over to Val's place for a baking sesh, more like a lesson because the both of us can't exactly bake. I am 10x worse actually because I am a walking disaster in the kitchen. Plus whatever Val taught us that day, I have already completely forgotten. Damn fail.

Anyhoooo, we baked macarons & butter cookies!!! I'm a huge fan of macarons and I always buy it from cafes and all that, which are overpriced as hell. Baking them is time consuming but a much cheaper alternative so I was just super contented with eating…. and eating…. and eating. Hahahaha.

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