Thursday, February 06, 2014

Besties 团圆饭

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Reunion dinner with my best friends a few days before CNY, the annual steamboat! This year, we met for grocery shopping before heading over to Flav's place. I K.O-ed after one round but all of them continued eating. I am rather amazed because I used to be able to eat a lot more but at the same time happy with my current smaller appetite.

Spent the rest of the night just chit chatting and watching tv. Didn't get to gamble cuz' by the time somebody suggested it, a few of us had to leave since it was late. It's a good thing for me though, I dislike gambling. Not sure if unlucky or no skill. (Maybe both haha)

Hopefully everyone will be present for next year's reunion dinz *fingers crossed*

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I only like this photo because of the pretty mint walls behind us

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Love Nics' top! It has eyeballs on it omg so nice la

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Love my new jeans

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Our mandatory peace sign ✌

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Can you see it boiling haha

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My man peeling prawns ^-^

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Them trying to take pics with both Ch & Jh washing the dishes like gentlemen

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HAHAHA CAUGHT RED HANDED. They were all "Cel stop raping Jh" and *snap* *snap* *snap* pfffft

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Test shot

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These are the ones I kept

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A shot without the boyfriends

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Would have been complete if Jeanie, Wenbin & Fred were there!