Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frogs & the likes

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Few nights back when I finally met the homies for the best frog porridge at Geylang. As if it wasn't filling enough, we had dimsum for supper after. We were already damn full from dinner but there was nothing else to do at Geylang except eat and….. y'know.. *winks* (For those who are not local I'm referring to prostitutes hahaha Geylang is Singapore's well known red district.) So we chose to eat again.

Caught up like crazy cuz the last time we met was Christmas and now it's already nearing March. We're gonna check out the trampoline park near my place the next time we meet!!! So excited hehe I haven't set foot on a trampoline in years.. not sure if I still have it in me. But it's still gonna be really fun I just know it!