Saturday, February 01, 2014


Those who follow me on instagram would know that I was admitted last week due to some weird viral infection thing… even after running tests the doctor still couldn't find out what exact virus it is. It's sort of in the middle of dengue, HFMD and H1N1?? Kind of.. like it has symptoms of all 3.

It was horrible before the hospital stay, I was suffering like crazy at home. High fever up to 38.9 and it didn't go down much for a whole 6 days :( Not to mention ulcers in my throat and nose bleed like 5 times in 2 days.

There was once I coughed so badly I couldn't breathe and I started wheezing and had to puke cuz it was so bad so I sat in front of the toilet bowl and coughed while having that mini asthma attack experience. I honestly thought I was going to die haha I was shouting to my mom "CAN YOU PLEASE GET HELP? LATER I DIE IN MY SLEEP HOW" so she pretty much panicked and brought me to do a blood test and see a specialist the next morning.

Since I was in such a horrible state (shivering / chattering everywhere I went cuz high fever just made me feel cold even in the warmest places) the doc said I should be warded. So yep! Lucky thing it was MountE Novena - the hospital I preferred most. Seriously like hotel man!!! Therefore it wasn't too bad. I stayed for 4 days and it was damn shiok, I didn't even mind that I was in the freaking hospital hahaha swear.

 photo IMG_1113_zps625382e8.jpg
First meal the moment I "checked in" already very yummy

 photo IMG_1122_zpsd00d9ef5.jpg
Mom went home to bring all my stuff over so I spent the rest of the second day catching up on the different tv shows

 photo IMG_1131_zps8963ee60.jpg
Then my friends came to visit me in the evening! They stayed till like 10pm hehe so thankful :) Rm was the first to pop by and she got me a mini foil balloon whoopee

 photo IMG_1141_zpsb4b8cf30.jpg
Cw & Jh came shortly after Rm arrived. Had a mini awkward moment cuz my mom and fav aunt were there too hahaha. The boy got me flowers and a huge helium foil balloon - double yay ♥ He even stayed over with me and left the next morning before my mom came back.

 photo IMG_1145_zps87ab6367.jpg
 photo IMG_1153_zpsc5ce3454.jpg
 photo IMG_1133_zpsa0ef3aed.jpg
Flav came over after a while too!

 photo IMG_1136_zps4b328166.jpg
All watching the 9pm channel 8 tv program

 photo IMG_1148_zps51f58dbd.jpg
 photo IMG_1140_zpse13b41ec.jpg
 photo IMG_1132_zpsadc522dd.jpg
They changed the drip to my left hand cuz the one on the right moved out of the vein and my hand started swelling and hurting like crazy.. so I got poked by needles a total of 5 times, including blood tests and shit. I think I'm not gonna be afraid of needles for the rest of my life.

 photo IMG_1163_zps633d20ab.jpg
Morning view from my room

 photo IMG_1161_zps90446c68.jpg
Extremely thankful to have my mom also, she came several times each day to accompany me so I wouldn't be alone ♥ Only times she went home was for meals, to fetch my brothers from school and for sleep. Whole time I was sick at home she also kept waking up every hour in the middle of the night (like 1am to 5am) just to check my temperature and get me to take my meds.

 photo IMG_1150_zps0da40a6c.jpg
Breakfast in bed, literally. First time in my life!!

 photo IMG_1175_zpsda39762f.jpg
Then Jh came back after mom left for home :)

 photo IMG_1177_zps55203edc.jpg
Sorry for being a moody rude bitch the entire time b, being ill causes me to become super cranky.

 photo IMG_1176_zpsbfb0bdae.jpg
 photo IMG_1174_zps50c80967.jpg
 photo IMG_1125_zpsd0c28c63.jpg
Lamb shank for dinner

 photo IMG_1180_zps9ff34a9f.jpg
Warning note hahaha "do not eat the godiva now"

 photo IMG_1182_zpsc53d746d.jpg
Nics dropped by on the last night!

 photo IMG_1181_zpsf6152bce.jpg
Presents from her ^-^

 photo IMG_1166_zps1520d822.jpg
 photo IMG_1172_zpsbcf9d4c7.jpg
 photo IMG_1156_zps7143e5ad.jpg
Better snap more pics of it before it withers away~

 photo IMG_1117_zps96e1ac26.jpg
Beef horfun before discharging

 photo IMG_1187_zps964a7258.jpg

Hope to never fall as sick as this again!
Need to start building up my immune system..
Stay healthy too everyone xxx

P.S/ Thank you Jh, Nics & Rm for the presents to cheer me up when I'm ill :') Thanks Flav & Cw for coming down to visit me as well!! Feel so blessed to have y'all ♥