Friday, February 21, 2014



Shopping date with poop about a week back. Got myself a new dress and some other shit which I can't really remember right now. After an entire afternoon of retail therapy we settled on cheap food for dinner. Haven't eaten pontian in years and weirdly enough, I think my appetite grew??? Cuz I finished the entire bowl and yet when I got home I was so hungry that my hands were shaking. Literally. Had to down a bowl of instant noodles for supper to stop the shaking wtf.

Currently trying to curb my horrible spending habits because I'm jobless and I just spent close to $800 on driving. Yes I'm back to driving after 10 months of procrastination and I also finally left NTUC First Campus - omg best decision ever made!!! Their staff benefits (referring to all my no pay leaves while I was on MC and dying in the fucken hospital) and the way they treat their staff are shit! Heed my advice: If you guys ever receive a job opportunity from them, think twice.

Next few months are just gonna be me wasting my life away……
Do y'all have any suggestions on productive stuff I can do?
Leave them in my askfm hehe thanks guys ;)