Thursday, February 20, 2014


A day ago I came to know of this online account known as SMRT Ltd because someone on my twitter feed retweeted a screenshot posted by him (I am assuming its a him), which I found pretty amusing considering hundreds of people actually agree with this guy. I mean yeah this guy posts tons of stuff which are mean yet hilarious at the same time but this particular screenshot just wasn't funny at all because he made a mistake with his english pronunciation.

This was what he posted:

And this was what I replied to his tweet:

I really have to give it to him, the "hokay" part was a good one. I wouldn't have thought of that. But the tweet in which he indirectly insulted me and anyone with the surname "Ho" was a little overboard (he meant Ho as in hoe for those who didn't catch it). I wasn't affected though, since my surname isn't something I can choose but his command of english however, can be improved (I say this with regards to the issue regarding the Camille girl, not in general).

Rule number 1 of winning an argument - use constructive criticism. I mean, he obviously couldn't think of a better comeback to either of us (Camille girl & myself) thus resorting to insulting our surnames. Which was a dick move and which obviously meant he lost the battle because an ad hominem argument is simply irrelevant and illogical. If I was stupid enough to feel insulted it would probably have turned into a name-calling contest.

To clarify - I am not annoyed with this account because firstly, its a troll account. That's what they do. What ticked me off is a few people who commented with regards to this issue.

Please just look at what Mohd Elroy and Hiekel Hiekel commented.

Uh hello guys I obviously got the joke but that's not the point? The point is that SMRT Ltd chose to insult me using my surname which immediately put him at the losing end because using names as a defense in an argument just means you couldn't think of anything else relevant to say. THAT is the point.

Not sure why such people exist… they think they're damn smart for getting SMRT Ltd's joke -___-

All the other comments were kinda funny especially the "Ho Seh" one hahaha

But Red Phoenix seems to think that I am wrong to call it a personal attack. Please google what personal attack means. You don't know what is google? Nevermind I google for you ^-^

So yup. Personal attack doesn't actually mean an attack to me. It means something not relevant to the argument.

And about me instigating it first - I wasn't even instigating an argument to begin with. I was merely pointing out a tiny error. So before you (Red Phoenix) call me a "stupid ho" please read up on definitions and all, otherwise I'm not too sure who is gonna turn out to be the stupid one :)

P.S/ Before anyone laughs at me for being affected thus blogging about a troll account incident, I have to say this:

I am not in any way affected and the reason I decided to blog about this is because it's an interesting topic to blog about! Bloggers are always looking for topics to blog about and this was just an opportunity thrown to my face.

Ending off with a picture of me because why not?
Peace out ^^v