Thursday, March 27, 2014

CNOS3 - The Beginning

The contestants whom I sat with during the briefing

IMG_9726 IMG_9727
Our mentor/judge, blogger Qiuqiu!

Try to spot me hahaha (extreme left 4th row)

A gift from Qiuqiu for each of us. She's really thoughtful :)

Bumped into another team while we were roaming around town

Challenge 2 teammates Regine & Jessie


For those who still doesn't know, CNOS stands for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation. Attended the briefing last weekend which was kinda like a meet & greet cum ice breaker session with the other bloggers as well ^-^ We were then split into groups of 3 for our first 2 challenges.

Met my Challenge 2 team members for a little discussion and bonding session yesterday, kind of like to break the ice so that it wouldn't be awkward on Sat when we start filming. Had a nice time and I even found out about a new hang out place called Smoothie King. It always has seats because it's located at a rather secluded corner in 313 and their wraps are pretty alright. I wouldn't say fantastic because it's filled with veggie and I hate most types of vegetables so yup haha

Stay tuned for tons of updates real soon! x

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