Monday, March 17, 2014

Flea Party

I won a flea booth at Lucky Plaza's top floor the day before! Yay lucky me ^-^

Extremely warm flea because we were late and ended up with a shitty booth location.. totally no ventilation and everyone was perspiring like crazy!! My dad drove me there and even helped me to set up all my stuff hehe damn sweet right!! ^^ He didn't wanna leave me alone there so he accompanied me till Jh arrived.

Jeanie & Min came about an hour later to sell their stuff as well. Sales was okay, we sold our stuff at like $2 each. I managed to clear tons of old clothes which I don't wear anymore at a huge huuuuge loss but on the bright side, at least my room has more space now! Plus we had fun with the selling and goofing around with one another :)

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