Friday, March 07, 2014


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The day we had nothing better to do so we traveled all the way to the west to check out the new mall JEM. Fortunately it's on the green line so we just sat in the train throughout the journey. I was shocked when we got there. The mall was amazingly huge with everything you can possibly think of. It's sort of like 313 Somerset, Ion Orchard & Centrepoint combined together! We even got lost quite a number of times.

T'was a therapeutic day for me. Had tea break to munch on while exploring the place, manicure, shopping, dinner at Poulet. We always wanted to try Poulet after seeing it pop up everywhere but never got around to trying it until then. Kind of a disappointment because the chicken was too salty and I dislike fat fries. The escargots were good though. Yup so that was our journey to the west ^-^ A rare sight since we're both east siders and it's a known fact that east siders think the east is the best hahaha