Saturday, March 08, 2014

Kim Soo Hyun

I don't normally fangirl and all but this is the only actor I cannot resist.

He used to be my phone wallpaper during his Dream High days and now after watching You Who Came From The Stars, I'm in love again. He was always my favourite korean actor, he can really portray any character given to him extremely accurately and it really taps into the audience's emotions. Plus he can sing AND dance ok wtf.

Not to mention his lips?!? I can't believe I never noticed this before (I have never noticed anyone's lips before in my life cuz lips aren't usually what I look at) but his are so damn irresistible!!!! Fuck. Not only that, he's super cute off screen! I just realized that after watching all the behind the scenes videos and reality show episodes he is in.

I know I sound obsessed but I need to blog about this to remember which guy I used to obsess over 20 to 30 years down the road. To think that there are tons of hot american/korean/english actors to spazz over but I chose Kim Soo Hyun over any other actor out there. He has an amazing body also la but let's not go that far hehehe ^-^

Just a video of his kiss scenes in YWCFTS before I end off this embarrassing post!
(Girls be prepared…..)

Amazing right omg I also want HAHAHA OK DREAMING NOW BYE