Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mom's 50th


Mom's birthday a week ago, we surprised her with a cake & card again like we did last year. Only difference is that last year the surprise kinda failed a little cuz when we were trying to light up the cake, the wind never give chance :( This year genius me closed all the windows and doors hahaha.

So my mom was trying on her shoes as we were already preparing to head out for dinner, while I was in the kitchen lighting the candles with Clemon. Then we told our dad to like block our mom's view and he just closed the main door and switched off all the lights HAHA and she didn't even suspect a thing wtf *phew* Surprise success!

Dinner at Jumbo which I loooove ^-^ We switched to Kim's Seafood for about a year already but I personally hate Kim's la… their so called "famous" hokkien mee sucks (lousy chilli, too salty, etc) I really don't know why people say it's damn nice please. Their other dishes are all so-so plus their bamboo clam is just damn horrible?! Taste so raw.. ok la give chance, their crabs are quite good. But that's pretty much it. Really glad that we're switching our usual seafood place back to Jumbo!

Ignore the amateur looking card I made haha I'm not exactly good at arts & crafts. If you're curious, the blue part says "Remember how excited you were when you turned 5 years old? You should be 10 times that excited!!!"

Trying to be cute in our disposable bibs

Full of hilarious poses - that's my dad for you ;)

Their bamboo clams are wayyyy better man

Who eats mantou with pepper crab? Me (and Cymon) lor! I think we're the only 2 weirdos in the world who do that. But seriously, it's damn nice. You should try it.

Cym is growing up real quick, soon he's gonna be taller than me nooooo~

Clem & I in matchy stripey outfits


What was I thinking.. doing jump shots at night haha siao
Have a great Sunday you guys! x

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