Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Kase - Part 1

The Kase invited me down to their store a few days back for some very special things ;)

The Kase is the first store in Singapore to provide phone case customization which are of high quality and also scratch-proof.

The first item that I picked was a customized UNIK phone case -

Soooo many pre-made designs for you to choose from. Spoilt for choices! A lot of them are damn nice hahaha if I had to choose one I wouldn't be able to decide man

Me being briefed on how it works by the super friendly store manager :)

May the phone case customization begin!!

Step 1: Choose your plain case

I chose the silicon case with matte black border for a slick look. There are tons of phone models and colours for you to choose from, you can even decide if you want a normal silicon case or the flip case.


Step 2: Upload your image

You don't even have to bring a thumb drive, you can just use an image from your phone. If you don't have the image in your phone, you can even go to your facebook or blog to save the image on the spot (for super last minute people haha)


Step 3: Adjust your image

Use the iPad provided to move your image around. It allows us to decide how we want our image to be on our phone case. Whether you want it upside down, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. All can!

Jh editing his because the super nice store manager decided to make him one as well! He was like "you both couple right? Ok come I make one for you also" HAHA YAY now we have couple phone case ^-^ Excellent gift idea for all you couples out there! Even best friends can make a besties phone case together, or you can get it as a gift for your parents' wedding anniversary, etc.


Step 4: Add text to your image (optional)

I tried this step but decided that I preferred it to be plain so I removed the text. Of course, this is personal preference. Most of you would like to put your name there for a more personalized feel.

Simple right? Just have to select font, size & colour then type your text below. You can play around with this to see which one fits best!


Step 5: Finalize & print

Extremely quick procedure, took about plus minus 5 minutes. It's instant dry too so once the printing is done you are able to start using it immediately.

Watching our case get printed on in that cool machine

The finished product. WE LOVE!!!!

Thank you for the excellent service :>


For those interested to get your very own UNIK customized phone case, head down to The Kase stores today!!

ION Orchard

Parkway Parade

Like their facebook page The Kase SG
Or visit their website for future updates/promotions!

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