Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Kase - Part 2

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The second item I picked is the premium screen protector, also known as the tempered glass.

The tempered glass boasts a surface hardness of 9H – the highest of the coating scale being 10H – and a thickness of only 0.33mm. Despite the multiple layers, the screen protector still maintains a clear and elegant visual quality and high touch-screen sensitivity. Additionally, its rounded borders prevent chipping. Not only is it shock-proof, the screen protector comes in six attractive colours.

Suitable for most gadget types - Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung GALAZY Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1, iPhone4/4s, iPhone5/5s, iPad1/2/3 & iPad Air! Majority of us use the above mentioned gadgets nowadays so it's not a worry that you can't find one suitable for your gadget.

Details of it. I love how it is anti-fingerprint because I have sweaty palms and my fingerprints can ALWAYS be seen on normal screen protectors. With the tempered glass, all my worries are gone!

Also, the best part of it being shock proof is that my screen will not crack if I drop my phone. Which is a huge relief because I drop my phone all the time. Clumsy me~

0.33mm only so you'll barely feel the difference

For those who'd prefer to add more colour to your phone, these would suit you more. Even has gold omg so chio hehe

My bright clear screen after having the tempered glass stuck on ^-^

He also gave Jh & I a waterproof egg shaped coloured sound amplifier each!

I chose neon pink while Jh chose black. We were super amazed by this because it doesn't require batteries or anything like that. Just insert your phone into the hole on top and you're good to go :O :O :O Can even bring to the poolside cuz it's freaking waterproof.


Video of how the sound amplifier and tempered glass works. If you weren't convinced by my words or pictures, this video will show you evidence that I am speaking the truth. I'm not saying their stuff is good because they're sponsoring me, I'm saying it's good cuz it really IS good!

Not only does The Kase have customized cases, they also carry a wide range of other products such as speakers, headphones, cables, portable chargers, etc.

All of them come in a variety of colours so your gadgets don't always look so dull :)

Even the shop layout looks good hahaha (mirror + selfie screen!!!)

Thank you The Kase for having me :)

For those interested to purchase the tempered glass or even that cute little egg shaped speaker, head down to The Kase stores today!!!!

ION Orchard

Parkway Parade

Like their facebook page The Kase SG
Or visit their website http://thekase.com for future updates/promotions! x

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