Friday, April 25, 2014


Are you one of those people crazy about Taobao? I have to admit, I AM! Why pay more when you can get the same thing at much cheaper price, right?

For those who are still unaware of this shopping paradise, Taobao is an online marketplace (based in China) that consists of different sellers, up to 8 billion listings of product ranging from fashion, furniture, electronics and many more!! I am literally on Taobao ALL THE TIME.

Beanies at SGD 6 each?!

New Balance kicks at SGD 10 each?!?!

Super cute socks at SGD 3 each?!?!?!

So the question is…

Buy directly from Taobao or use an agent (65daigou)?

You must be thinking "why go through an agent and pay the additional charges when I can buy directly from Taobao?"

Below are some of the collated advantages and disadvantages of purchasing -

Direct from Taobao

• No Agent fee

• As all prices are in Chinese Yuan aka RMB, you will have to convert into SGD yourself and may varies based on the currency rate that your Credit Card is charging.

• Special request or enquiry to seller have to be done by yourself in Chinese through Ali Wang Wang (China Messenger).

• Setup needed to start: Taobao account, Ali Wang Wang software, AliPay account (China PayPal).

Buying via 65daigou

• Everything is converted into SGD once added into 65daigou’s shopping cart.

• Even when you buy from 101 different sellers on Taobao, you will only need to liaise with 65daigou with all correspondence clearly reflected in your orders.

• There are 3 types of international shipping methods ranging from time-saving express air to cost-saving sea shipment.

• Collection can be done conveniently at their warehouses, selected MRT stations or even neighbourhood points!

• You can also opt for home delivery that is cheaper than cab fare.

• You can make pre-sale, during sale and post-sale enquiry in English to 65daigou.

• Items are not only consolidated, but also being repacked to save on shipping.

• They have mobile applications that allows you to track order status on the go!

• Agent fee involved.

Personally, I would rather pay the 8% agent fee for assurance than go through all that hassle of doing everything myself and trying to type in chinese when I haven't conversed via chinese in years.

Why hesitate, shop now with 65daigou!

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