Thursday, April 03, 2014

CNOS3 - Challenge 2

Last Saturday all of us headed down to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard's Charlie Brown Cafe for the Nom Nom Challenge and we learnt how to make pancakes! Each team member had to pick a role for the challenge.

Role 1: Chef
Role 2: Photographer
Role 3: Videographer

Regine was our team's chef and Jessie was the videographer, while I alternated between being the photographer and videographer since there were 2 cameras with me. Might as well make full use of both! Haha #kiasu

An excited looking me before heading up

Sky briefing us on the challenge process

Team Flower Power fully equipped and ready to go!

Steps on how to make a perfect pancake

Step 1: Pour pancake mix slowly and steadily


Step 2: Wait for it to be cooked


Step 3: Camwhore while waiting


Step 4: Flip it over after one side is done


Step 5: Apply strength over it as shown in the picture.
This will speed up the cooking process as well as  flatten it a little in case it is too thick.


Step 6: Put on template and gently pour cocoa power on it.
Also apply choice of sauce (in our case, we chose strawberry) on the plate.


Step 7: Pick it up and transfer it to the plate

And there you have it!!! ^-^

A simple tip on how to style your pancakes would be:

1. Stacking it on top of one another but leaving part of it shown so that you can clearly see that there are two pancakes.

2. The way you draw your sauce is also important as it decorates the dish and changes the entire look of it.

Taking pictures of it from all angles


Our best shot photo:

We chose this as our best shot because it displays many other "props" from Charlie Brown cafe to avoid emptiness in the picture, yet it blurs out everything else and only focuses on our main product.

My contribution & experience

I contributed to the best shot by taking the picture as well as arranging the props in the picture.

The entire process was rather stressful but at the same time exciting and fun!

It was stressful because we've never made pancakes before, not to mention only be given 2 attempts under a time limit. Fortunately, we were able to complete our tasks under the given time.

We laughed at our mistakes and made tiny jokes while we were at it, which was what made it an enjoyable experience. Bonded quite a bit as well :)

We also learnt a lot from both the Charlie Brown cafe's pastry chef, Nicole and our challenge 2 judge, Maureen (also known as food blogger Miss Tam Chiak)!

Tips on food photography & presentation

-Natural lighting is advised. Avoid sunlight as picture will turn out to be overexposed and there might be a shadow.

-Try to take the shot at a 45 degree angle.

-Use props to make the picture less empty and more interesting.

-Do not use aperture of F1.8 as it has too much blurring effect, use F2.2 instead.

-JUST KEEP SNAPPING, DON'T STOP! After that then slowly choose your favourite :>

A shot with our food photography 师父 / challenge 2 judge!


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