Sunday, April 06, 2014

CNOS3 - Challenge 3


For Challenge 3 we were yet again split into teams of three and each team was given a $300 value YONO nets flash pay card to shop for anything in Cineleisure and then sell them at our booth located at the atrium. All proceeds were given to SPCA so the whole place was crowded because I mean, you get to shop for a cause how great is that?!

Our best sale were the items from Editor's Market because we bought them a the 6-piece price and then sold them for slightly higher, which earned some extra but still cheaper than the original 1-piece price. Extremely good deal right!

On the overall this challenge was by far my favourite because I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur (referring to my tiny online store) and this was a really enjoyable experience. It was hectic, yes, but I had a pleasant time no doubt ^-^ Now that all the challenges are over, we're left with the awards next Sat!!! Super nervous because we have to walk the red carpet in front of everybody in the mall from all levels hahaha hope I don't fall or anything *fingers crossed*

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