Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fumes and faces

"Faster come I press already!"
"Ok wait wait" *puts phone down*
"I don't know how to pose leh"
*timer almost up*

Camwhore while waiting for Rm to knock off from work

Yay it comes with maggi mee and golden mushrooms ^^


Mad yummy hot pot at Watami mmmm~ It's our second time there together and we have concluded that their service may be slightly lousy but the good food makes up for it. Haha. I finished my entire pot myself cuz it was really good, mine was the pork in kimchi based soup if anyone's curious.

And yes I finally got to meet up with my besties this week!! We usually meet up every week or at least every 2 weeks just for the sake of meeting but we've been extremely busy the past month or so :( Me with CNOS and them with work stuff or exams.. damn happy cuz I missed them so much hehehe. I am really clingy if you're my best friend :> Anyway after dinner we headed to Desuite (it's a pub that Drey works part time at) for some beer & karaoke to end the night.

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