Saturday, May 03, 2014

High on rebellion

Because rules are meant to be broken

Sick of taking food pictures so here's one xlb flying solo

My brother is a natural

And then there's awkward me who doesn't know who to pose hahaha

Mom and her horribly short haircut. We're all totally against it, obviously.

Grumpy cuz I made him sit under the sun and carry my bag while I take test shots


The other day we had lunch at Canton Paradise because they supposedly have one of the best dim sums, according to the adults. We've been there quite a number of times but I still prefer cheap dim sum at Swee Choon hahaha cheapest will always be the best to me la #forevercheapskate

Brought the cam along to play with and Cymon & I had so much fun taking pictures at random spots. We even found a mini trolley while exploring! I12 Katong has always been on my list of "most boring malls" but when I have my camera with me, even the most mundane places come to life.

Speaking of which, an upcoming online store just hired me as their photographer and I'll be starting next week. It's gonna be a lot of work considering I have to take pictures for 2 hours straight and edit all of them but at least I'm doing something I love, right? :) So stoked!!!

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