Friday, May 23, 2014


Waves were so strong that you can literally see it in the picture

I forced my dad to pose with the pepper crabs and he did this hahahaha I love how he always accommodates to my retarded picture requests

I only eat crabs with gloves because well…. isn't it the cleverest thing to do?

Cake to sort of celebrate dad's super belated birthday because he wasn't in SG on the actual day about 3 weeks back

Dad got me a selfie stick & wireless remote control for the phone so I thought I should finally put them to use. Horrible quality taken with my iPhone front camera but nonetheless, my favourite of the lot because what's cuter than a family selfie?! ♥ ♥ ♥


Dinner with the fam after work last night ^-^ I didn't wanna bring my camera at first since I looked like crap after a long day in the office but since this space is dying from the lack of updates, I thought I should try to revive it. I used to blog every 2 days or less but with work and everything going on, I simply do not have the time. Don't worry I definitely won't give up on this space!!! It's practically my life. Hahaha.

Work life thus far has been great. It's only been the third day so I can't say much about it but so far, so good. I love it! It's NOTHING like the childcare teacher job. I don't suffer, I don't have to abide to strict dress codes, or pick up poop, or eat shitty food, or deal with not being able to even glance at my phone. The only thing I miss in that childcare centre is Sebastian. Seriously. And maybe a few teachers whom I used to be quite close to. Thinking of going back to visit them but I'm afraid of feeling awkward or unwelcome since I haven't seem them in months. I am especially terrified that Seb wouldn't remember me anymore.. :/

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