Saturday, May 31, 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past

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McDonalds has the best hashbrowns ever

I love you even though you refuse to smile for pictures *.*

Hahahaha I was attempting to do the X sign… no judging!!

Shakin' it because my dress tells me to

Rm came to town to meet us for dinner cuz she wanted to see Ryan Higa but by the time she arrived, he left :( We then met up with Flav & his friend for a bit!


Last weekend Jh & I went to watch X-Men at freaking 10am because all the other time slots were fully booked. Or at least, the good seats were all snagged and there was no way in hell for me to be sitting at the front few rows. We went an hour earlier for mac breakfast and I was just so pleased with myself for being able to get up early and actually have the time for breakfast :) Hahaha.

X-Men was pretty okay, there was too little action and too much talk.. unlike the previous ones. I am a huge fan of X-Men since their cartoon days and for me to find this a tad disappointing probably says something about the movie. I mean, they practically just revived every character that was dead and revolved the entire storyline around Mystique, just so that they could show Jennifer Lawrence's face -__- Don't get me wrong - I love her - but they didn't give the other characters enough air time.

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