Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Graduation - Part 2

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Hahahaha sorry Jordan but it's the only shot I have of the 6 of us

Bought this photo from the official photogs and it was so bad that I had to photoshop it myself. They didn't even bother adjusting the colour balance, contrast, brightness or whatsoever. Shouldn't have bought the hard copies… I'd rather print the ones I edited. The other one was taken at such a bad angle I can't even post it hahaha *shakes head*

With Jh's parents :>

With about half the class and their care person Mr Leong

Thank you Dom for the flower and for coming down!

Mr Ng - BEST TEACHER EVER!!! He had to put up with my shit for an entire semester and is probably the reason why I even managed to graduate. Helped me so much with my major project and I am super grateful to him :')

Mr Shri - I can't remember what he taught us but I know he was really nice!

Dr Yin - super friendly course director!

IMG_7535 cropped

What more can I say other than FINALLY?! I was supposed to graduate in May 2013 but I had to retake a semester so I officially ended school in October 2013 and after 6 long months our grad ceremony has come.. ^-^

I am a year late but at least I can finally say "I graduated!!!!" Of course, I miss school all the time but work life isn't too bad. No exams to sit for, no 3 hour long lab sessions and all that crazy java coding. It was hell. My friends are the main reason why I bothered to turn up for classes.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take pictures with other teachers that I really like as well cuz they had classes and all. Gonna state their names here so that when I look back 10 years from now I might still have a faint memory of them when I see their names.

You may ignore the rest of this paragraph. Mobile Comm's Jacqueline Kwong, previous care group's Wilson Siew and course manager Lawrence Lee. The rest of the teachers probably didn't make an impression on me, or I probably didn't attend enough of their classes to remember their names. Hahaha. (If you bothered to read this paragraph, you must really be bored.)

To the end of a chapter in life,
and to the start of a new one.


  1. Congratulations!!!!

    1. Thanks Mits!!!!! Miss you. One day I shall fly over to Japan and you will bring me on a full tour!!!!!