Wednesday, June 04, 2014


I am here with an advertorial for my new clothes sponsor - Covet Runway! I'll be keeping a different outfit from them every week so stay tuned for many exciting outfits they have. They launch a new collection every Tuesday at 8pm so do check out their latest collection at COVET RUNWAY :)


First item I kept is this neoprene minimalist top

I love the tiny neoprene details on the top, plus it is of extremely good material. Very comfy, very flattering cut. Not too warm on a hot day but not too cold on a rainy day. You get what I mean? I am especially pleased with the curved hem at the sides. Makes me look sophisticated and yet I don't have to be in heels or a skirt. When I saw it I knew I had to keep it cuz it's just so…. me?!


Second item I kept is their black drawstring pants

I know what y'all are gonna say. "Like running pants please" or "Pyjamas ah?" but if you look at it again you will realise that it's soooo soft and flowy. Comfort first!! Also, it helps you uphold a classy image but still remains casual. Kinda like smart casual. I love it because I can wear it to work or formal events and look good but feel comfortable at the same time :)

Just had to insert a picture of personal part time photog here hahaha I forced him to take this

More pictures of me in my monochrome outfit because black / white never gets old


This was during the weekend, where I had a super exhausting day. Woke up at 6.30am for a shoot at 8 (yes I am obviously the photog not the model hahahaha) and finally got to have lunch at 1. Met Jh after that and we headed to Peninsula to make specs! I have been wanting to get a new pair of specs for ages and I finally got around to doing it.. shall take some pics with it soon hehe. Met up with my besties for shopping + dinner + karaoke after that ^-^

Remember to shop at COVETRUNWAY.COM for awesome pawsome apparel!!!!
Or follow them on instagram for stylish updates on the go x

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