Thursday, June 05, 2014

No Other Meaning


Just a pretty rainbow cake that I had for dessert with my colleague today! Soooo picture worthy I couldn't resist posting it here. I normally only post phone pictures on twitter but this is too pretty ^-^ It even tastes good plus they have it in two flavours, either chocolate or cookies & cream. It's a cafe called No Other Meaning, NOM in short. We ordered cheesy sausage pizza, truffle fries and chocolate milkshake as well. Not bad I would say. It's located at Macpherson CC if anyone's interested!


Random topic below ↓


Sometimes I don't get how some girls do it. They can be fake 24/7 it's actually super annoying to watch. There apparently is this new trend now where some girls comment on each other's pictures like "omg perf" or "so pretty" with those heart shaped eyes emojis which irritates the shit out of me. Especially when they comment it on my picture hahaha. I mean seriously la if you don't mean it please don't comment? I can understand if you genuinely think a particular picture or a few pictures are nice and so you comment (I comment on pictures which I think are nice as well) but if you do it for EVERY. SINGLE. GODDAMN picture then you're just fake.

I absolutely cannot stand girls who compliment every single girl they meet in person. Like for godsake how can you be so thick skinned? Recently met this particular girl who goes around telling every girl she just met "omg you're so pretty my self esteem just dropped" or "yay I'm with so many pretty girls I'm so happy" LOL please leh don't make us laugh. I know there are other girls just like her and I don't know if it's a new trend or is society just turning the new generation into two faced pricks. It actually amuses me how such people can do this and not get sick of having to pretend all the time.

Ok look I might not be a very nice person but at least I am 100% honest. If I think you're ugly, there is no way in hell will I tell you that you're pretty. I'm not saying that I am in any way good looking, I personally think I'm a below average of 4.5/10. But I do have certain expectations for the term "pretty". Everyone does. And if someone is nowhere near pretty, please don't tell them they are just to make them feel better. I see or hear already also want to laugh. So fake for what??? Can earn money? Hahahaha sorry I just couldn't resist saying this. I'm not trying to be mean but pretentious bitches are on the top of my pet peeves list. I'm sure most of you can relate to me :)

This issue suddenly hit me and I was inspired to write it at 2 in the morning so I thought, why not?
Till next time xx

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