Thursday, June 12, 2014


I'm back with a new online store to share!! Sabrina approached me a while back and I picked this lovely tie dye side cut out dress from her site, PRINCESSA!

It's super flowy, I couldn't help but twirl around in it~


What I love about the dress I picked is the side cut out. I don't like revealing my front cuz there's nothing to reveal but the side slits are definitely my weakness. I always buy clothes that show the sides ;) Plus, who doesn't love tie dye??? If you don't have the same taste in fashion as me, not to worry because Princessa has tons of other amazing stuff on the site!

These are my 2 other favorites. All are revealing at just the right places, y'know? You get to show some skin but don't come of as slutty because it covers the appropriate areas.

"The less you reveal, the more they wonder."

They also have a mobile app in glittery pink for a convenient and joyful shopping experience! Simply search for 'Princessa' in the app store to download. It is available in both iTunes and Google Play so for non-apple users, fret not. To shop, click on the first tab as shown in the screenshot below!


Check out using the promo code 's3cr3tnudg3s25' for 25% off!


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