Saturday, June 07, 2014

Shiok maki


Finally tried Koh's Grill & Sushi Bar at Wisma!! Heard so much about their shiok maki months back but didn't bother going cuz it was always fully booked or has a long queue that might take up to hours. I'm so not a fan of queueing or waiting. Now that the craze is over, it's my turn to dine there! I'd say their food really lives up to expectations, hence the crowd. Prices are rather reasonable, way better than the standing sushi bar I went previously.

Also finally managed to meet Dom & Nigel! We've been wanting to plan a meet up since forever - I haven't seen them in like a year. Except when Dom came for my graduation but we only managed to talk for like 5 minutes before I had to rush off to take a class photo, so it isn't really counted. Super great catch up sesh I'd say :) The next time I see them will probably be after their 2 months BMT. Yay more botak heads for me to touch HAHAHAHA

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