Sunday, July 13, 2014

Feet Haven - Serangoon Gardens

The other day I was invited down to Feet Haven to try out their services… and I loved it!


For those who know me, you should know that I am a person who hates massages. Be it foot massage, body massage, basically anything to do with massage. I am super sensitive and I feel ticklish very easily. Massages were more of a discomfort to me, rather than what it's actually supposed to do - help you feel relaxed. I was slightly hesitant to try out Feet Haven since I personally didn't like massages but my mom told me it's good for the body and that I should just bear with the discomfort that I expected to feel and do it anyway.

HOWEVER, to my surprise, the entire experience was SOOOO GOOD. I am not even exaggerating ok!! The masseuse really knew what he was doing! I did their 30 minutes foot massage and 30 mins back massage. He did everything with the exact amount of pressure I needed to not feel ticklish and yet not feel pain as well. It made me feel so relaxed and refreshed at the end of the entire session. THIS EXPERIENCE WITH FEET HAVEN ACTUALLY CHANGED MY ENTIRE VIEW OF MASSAGE THERAPY. I am very amazed ^-^


Why should you do massage therapy?

-Reduces or eliminates pain
-Improves joint mobility
-Improves circulation
-Improves immune system functioning
-Increases lymphatic drainage
-Reduces depression and anxiety
-Reduces tension within muscles
-Increases body awareness

Super experienced masseuse from Thailand who has been doing this in Singapore for 39 years!

He taught me so many things about the health of the human body, especially during the foot massage! He mentioned that because I am left handed, 100% pressure goes into my left leg while 50% pressure is in my right leg. Thus during foot massage my left leg is more sensitive as compared to the right. For right handers it is the opposite.

Another thing he said was, if a person does massage and experiences pain through out and at every part of the body, it means they do not have enough sleep and has a very weak body. I think this applies to most of us due to our unhealthy lifestyles (i.e. late night partying, midnight movies, etc) and it has become such a norm that none of us are aware of the harm it is causing us internally.

Below are some of the key points that he highlighted to me:


1 - This links to the stomach. From massaging these points, he can tell that I like to drink excessive ice water and cold drinks but lack of warm drinks. Therefore I have to take note of this.

2 - This is related to our sugar level. If a person can't feel anything at these points it means they most likely have diabetes. Mine is normal.

3 - This is the heel of the foot, which isn't very clear in the picture. If a person gets down from a bed and puts pressure on the heel of the foot and experiences pain, it means they have high blood pressure. Mine is normal.

4 - If unclear in the picture, this is actually the outer side of our shin. By massaging mine, he could tell that mine has a lot of air, which is why I always get the feeling of rheumatism. This is also due to too much cold drinks, showering late at night and being in an air conditioned room almost all the time.

5 - This refers to the outer side of our kneecap, which is connected to our back. While massaging this point, it hurts a lot for me. This means my back is slightly overstrained. He guessed that I sit in front of the computer too much and for long hours, which is also correct.

Jh came to meet me after my therapeutic session


This is by far the best massage place I've been to and I am very satisfied with the service :) The lady boss was super friendly as well! The next time my body is feeling tensed up I will be sure to head back there and request for the same masseuse! For those who are still not convinced, all I can say is you HAVE to try it out for yourself and see what I mean. I can guarantee that it will not disappoint you!!


Some of their services & rates:

30 minutes: $28
60 minutes: $38

Full body
60 minutes: $68
90 minutes: $89

45 mins foot + 15 mins shoulder & neck: $42
60 mins foot + 15 mins shoulder & neck: $52

More details can be found on their services page!


They have 2 branches:

136 East Coast Road, #01-01
+65 63447311

Serangoon Gardens
4A Maju Avenue, 2nd level shophouse
+65 62882314


For enquiries/appointments, contact 96566947!


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