Monday, July 21, 2014

Hipster vision

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Pictures from Timo

My first time getting to try out a GoPro and I must say, it's a fun toy. Not something I would want for myself because I prefer DSLR quality pictures but it was so fun to play with! Shooting without getting to see the result on the spot, random snaps just like a lomo camera. Plus a wide angle lens is always good whatever the occasion is, no?

Anyway this was last night where we had dinner with our long lost friend who's back from the UK!!! Technically not 'back' cuz he's originally from Hong Kong but came to Singapore to study. Caught up about life after not meeting for several years (I still remember the whole bunch of us sending him off at the airport 5 years ago) and I'm so envious after hearing about his adventurous life abroad! Have a great summer holiday Timo and see you in 2 year's time ^-^

Oh yes one more thing before I go,

A LIZARD LANDED ON MY HAND WHILE I WAS EATING. I totally freaked out?!? It felt cold & sticky and it happened so fast at first I thought it was just a dirty piece of tissue. That was until I saw it's head and I immediately flicked it off my hand onto my chicken wing oh my god I swear I almost died. My hands were literally shaking and I couldn't eat the rest of my dinner because of it. I have huge fear of lizards (I'm not even afraid of cockroaches ok) and now I officially have lizard phobia. Hopefully this will only happen once in a lifetime. Ugh. So fucken traumatized.

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