Friday, July 25, 2014

Hues of blue

Wondering how we took this? Put my camera on the dustbin and shoot with self timer, of course! Hahahaha my poor cam... forever being "abused" by me.

Annyeong! Look like korean or not? LOL

Cold wanton which tasted horrible. Shall try their kimbap next time!

This boy can't smile (in pictures) for nuts

Damn shiok cheese ramyeon. I know how to make this too ^-^

Jajangmyeon with an egg on top. Verdict? Pretty average.


Last week Jh & I headed to town to run some errands followed by the mandatory picture taking  because it's what I do. Haha. Don't think I can ever live without my camera. Thinking of getting another one for events so that I don't have to lug my huge ass 600D out but I can't decide which one to get. Samsung NX Mini in mint is soooo pretty but Sony RX100 Mark3 is amazing!!! Both have wifi connection which is ideal cuz I need to posts pictures from my cam on social media during events but I always end up posting them only after I get home. Decisions, decisions..

After completing our errands we walked over to Scape and chanced upon a newly opened korean diner (is there any other word for it? Diner sounds inappropriate but I can't think of anything else. Bistro sounds weird. Shop sounds weird too. Hmm.) serving all the korean food you see on tv! We concluded that it's yummy but not exactly worth it because there aren't any ingredients in the noodles, just plain old instant noodles with extra seasoning or sauce.

By the way, did anyone notice my new make up look? Not exactly new since I didn't change much (I suck at make up so I always stick to one look. I'm slowly picking up, though!) but I added white shimmer to my bottom eyelids and beige eyeshadow on top of my eyeliner. Next step is to purchase an eyebrow pencil and learn how to draw them. I've always felt that my brows are too defined already thus have never drawn them before - until a make up artist drew them for me last week and I loved it!

TGIF guys and cheers to the long weekend ;)

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