Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MP3 Experiment x Dhiv's 21st


Saturday was my first time experiencing the MP3 Experiment after much anticipation and it was kind of disappointing. Not like how I pictured it to be. I think Singapore's culture will never be the same as New York's, no matter how hard we try. It was still alright I guess, it brought many people together and the imaginary barrier between strangers was torn down for that short 30 minutes :)

Personally, even though it was slightly disappointing, I would still go for the one next year. However I would bring more friends along so that I'll be less shy and perhaps that way it'll be more enjoyable? Can't wait! Hopefully they will hold it at a slightly more crowded place like along the streets of Orchard Road so that there will be more people without headphones around us. This year's was at Gardens By The Bay and there wasn't many non-participants, which made it less amusing.

After it ended I headed over to Wanderlust hotel for Dhiv's surprise 21st, although when I got there it wasn't much of a surprise anymore cuz I was late~ We had dinner at a coffee shop nearby followed by an intense foosball match at the hotel's lobby. Really nice place for couples on a staycation I must say! However they're really strict so by 10pm all of us guests had to leave the room so we walked over to a bar at Haji to chill for a few hours.

A day well spent!

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