Saturday, August 30, 2014

Karomah's 24th


Yesterday was Karomah's birthday! Time flies, it's been 6 years since Karomah joined us. She's a part of our family now and I love her so much I wish she'd stay with us for the next century. I can't even imagine her leaving us in the near future.. I don't ever want her to leave :'( *bawls like a baby*

She's like the sister I never had (although I'm the bossy and spoilt sister) and I can't survive without her. Who else would wake me up in the mornings? Who would do my laundry and cook for me? Who would make me laugh by saying retarded things? Who would walk all the way to the bus stop to pass me my water bottle cuz I forgot to bring it along? Who would give me horrible fashion advice? Who would go to the post office to mail my letters for me? Who would take ice water for me cuz I'm too lazy to walk out of my room? Who would kill insects for me? Who would listen to me rant without getting bored? Who would be there to pack my stuff when I'm going overseas? WHO WOULD DO EVERYTHING FOR ME???

Let's not think about that for now. Not sure if she will see this but - Happy 24th Birthday Karomah, I'm so thankful to have met you. Even though you're just a helper but you're the best one I ever had. I've had several different helpers since young but you're the only one I truly care about and have grown an attachment to. Stay happy always ♥

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