Monday, August 25, 2014

KISS Skincare x Snail White


I'm sure many of you have heard of Snail White by now.. highly raved by many celebrities, both Thai and local. It's my turn to try it out! Now with an additional product - KISS Skincare. KISS is also highly raved by celebrities and you may ask... why are these products so popular? There is only one simple answer to that question. BECAUSE THEY WORK.

I personally tried both products simultaneously, immediately after I became 2 shades darker from my recent trip to Adventure Cove Waterpark. My face was so burnt I was like a walking chocolate cookie. The KISS and Snail White products came just in time, 1-2 days before my visit to the waterpark. Phew! Lifesaving creams!!

I've been using them for close to 2 weeks now and I can safely say that my skin tone is almost back to normal. I'm pretty sure by the time I finish both products I will be a shade (or more) fairer than my original skin tone. Can't wait for the final results ^-^

I made a 4 step tutorial on how to use it:

The best part of the packaging (for both Snail White & KISS) is this. Instead of a normal hole to squeeze the cream out, this is air tight. This prevents dirt from entering, which is really good because for facial products it's all about hygiene! Not to mention, the bottles itself are really pretty. Hehe.

I was rather surprised at the texture of the creams, especially for Snail White. After hearing the term 'snail' I had this impression of it being sticky and slimy - but it was nothing like that. It was easy to apply, moisturizing and was absorbed into the skin in an instant. I can apply it at night and immediately go to bed comfortably, my hair wouldn't stick to my face either. I love it!!!!


Here is a list of the ingredients & benefits of KISS cream:

Honestly…. after reading all the benefits. NEED I SAY MORE?! Not only does it whiten, cleanse, moisturize, reduce spots and repair your skin cells, it contains collagen which means you get to look younger. It's practically a miracle cream. I am not saying this because it was sponsored. I honestly believe in it. I can see my skin getting better after a mere two weeks. Imagine how my skin will be after I finish the bottle ;)


They are the sole distributor for KISS Skincare products in Singapore and an authorized dealer for Snail White products, with a cert to prove it.

Authorized Distributor


Each bottle costs $58 but if you purchase both together, you save $6!
Plus, if you quote "CELINEKISS", you get an additional $3 off. Super worth it right?!?


For their full range of products & prices, you may visit

Quote "CELINEKISS" for a $3 off in a single receipt!


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