Thursday, September 11, 2014

Personal Grooming


I was recently invited to shop at Superberry Me, a beauty products store located in Orchard Central!

First, let me digress a little on Personal Grooming..

Would you rather date Mila Kunis on the left or Mila Kunis on the right?

Needless to say, I would definitely choose the one on the right. Yes, its the same person. But the one on the right looks a lot more appealing. Society now causes 98% of the population to judge someone based on their looks, even if many of you choose not to admit it. But come on, you're telling me if you saw a homeless man on the streets you would think he was homeless? What if he was secretly rich? You never know, right???

If Mila Kunis was not a celebrity and happened to walk by me on the streets looking like the picture on the left, I would have thought she was a hobo. Not just looks, but personal grooming also means being hygienic. If you didn't bother combing your hair, washing your face or brushing your teeth and just left the house dressed in pyjamas, I don't think anyone would wanna approach you for anything. Plus, it takes a toll on your self esteem. Imagine going to school dirty and smelly... getting weird stares cuz you're just too unkempt. How would that make you feel?

Therefore, personal grooming is important to everyone.


Superberry Me carries all kinds of beauty products, most of them from Germany and the States. There will definitely be something for all skin types! From make up to skin care products to nail care products and some other essentials, Superberry Me is definitely a must-visit store with regards to personal grooming.

Some of the brands they carry:

Human and Kind
Femme Science
Anna Sui


Of course, the male species is not forgotten ;)
Just beside Superberry Me is their sister store, What He Wants!

What He Wants carries brands such as Kyoku, Gatzmen, Lab Series, 4voo, Billy Jealousy, etc.


Here are my picks!

I have to say - Blinc's eyeliner is so super awesome. I am a pencil liner user cuz I can't draw my eyes with liquid liner (horrible make up skills) and the pencil eyeliner I've been using ALWAYS SMUDGES. Like it smudges so bad that after a long day my friends would be like "you cried ah?"

Blinc's crayon eyeliner is not only easy to draw, it doesn't smudge AT ALL!!! I was skeptical at first because I previously used Estee Lauder, Maybelline and Body Shop liners but all of them smudged or faded away after a few hours. I used Blinc's liner the other day from an 8am shoot till past midnight drinking with my friends and yet after perspiring the entire day, it didn't smudge one bit. I am truly amazed.

I haven't tried out my other products yet so no comments but I'm positive that I'll love them too ^-^ I also picked out Gatzmen hair wax for the bf to try cuz he's always looking out for the perfect hair wax hahaha


181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6536 2269

181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6634 0386

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