Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Warm skies


It's my first time on the sky garden of The Pinnacle @ Duxton and I honestly feel it's kinda overrated cuz the view is nothing great but since I was there I had to snap some pictures! Was actually there for a shoot but I felt like if I didn't take a few pictures that were not related to the shoot, I'd regret it. The pictures turned out great, especially those that I took of Shufeng. Captured the sunlight and bokeh brilliantly!! Hehe so pleased ^-^

I actually stood on the railings to look down from the 50th floor but couldn't take a shot of that cuz my legs were literally shaking. Had to switch to a sitting position for a picture instead. Maybe that's how people feel before going sky diving or bungee jumping? I vow to try them one day! For now, tall buildings and roller coasters will have to do. Hahaha.

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