Saturday, October 04, 2014

Smiles & memories are not tricks

(Read my captions for the story!)

Once upon a time there was a frog who turned into a prince

and decided that he wanted to see the world. He parachuted from the bright blue skies

and even got into a fight with a dwarf, with the help of his new friend the giant.

He stole a witch's magic broomstick and flew across the north pole

and even took the magic pill to become a mermaid for a day!

The witch was angry and cut his head off to be served for dinner

but the clever little frog prince stitched himself back and escaped with Santa's sleigh.

The sleigh wasn't fast enough so he bought a horse to get to the shore

where he rode a turtle across the atlantic sea

and met 3 panda friends along the way.

On his exciting journey, the little frog prince bumped into a poor girl selling matchsticks and he bought a few boxes from her just so she could have a nice warm dinner.

However, his kindness was not repaid when he got caught in a volcano eruption miles away. He attempted to cling onto a clothing line

but he slipped and fell into the dangerous lava.

The lava swept him to an unknown place but a mysterious arm grabbed him! :O

Turns out, it was just his good old buddy who helped him cross the crocodile infested river. *phew*

The little frog prince decided it was time to take a short nap in a little cottage he found. To his surprise, when he opened the door,

a wolf came to snatch him away! He whipped out his gun and got rid of the wolf

and rode to Wonderland where he met The White Rabbit who invited him to tea :D

After tea time, the little frog prince decided it was time for a bigger quest. He conquered a killer whale and as it was speeding across the ocean, it crashed into shore.

Turns out, the island was inhabited by a circus! The little frog prince happily performed with Jumbo the magnificent elephant.

After he performed several amazing tricks, he decided it was time to leave the circus to explore a strange new land not far away.

He attempted to hike up a steep cliff but a giant eel shot up from the water below him and attempted to swallow him whole. Thankfully, the old lady who lived on the mountain heard his cries for help and hauled him to safety.

She accompanied him during his mountain hike to ensure that he would not fall to his death. Her trusted pet mammoth was also there to help!

After he bid farewell to the kind old lady from the mountains, he continued his hike where he was captured by a ferocious dinosaur.

The dinosaur kept him locked in a cottage after transporting him down the mountains. Unfortunately, a giant cobra burst into the cottage in an attempt to inject its lethal venom into the little frog prince.

He managed to escape both reptilian horrors and decided he needed a long rest. He passed through the magic portal located not far away from the cottage and found himself at a nice tropical beach :)

His old friend, the lady from the mountains, spotted him on the tropical island having gone through the portal herself. She summoned her mystical swan and they rode to the land of Far Far Away~ They snuck into a magnificent castle

and crossed the bottomless pit of endless torment

only to have the little frog prince captured by a giant baby.

The little frog prince tricked the baby into letting him go with his sharp tongue and wise words. He fought his way out of the castle but the evil queen cast a spell on him

turning him into a human infant. He lived happily ever after with his 2 new baby buddies :) Yay!

In collaboration with The Influencer Network, Trick Eye Museum Singapore invited a bunch of us down last Friday night! I loooove such places because I always believed that as long as I have my camera in hand, it will always be a wonderful adventure. Taking pictures is something that is a huge part of my life - everywhere I go, I snap pictures. The Trick Eye Museum not only provides us with tons of art pieces to take pictures with, they bring art to life. It originated from Korea but since I don't have a chance to fly there yet, I am overjoyed that they are here in SG!!! ^-^

Cymon & I had a whale of a time and thank you Trick Eye Museum for having us!

Get creative! Flipping my hair to make it look as if I am hanging upside down ;)

Also met a few friends during the TIN x Trick Eye Museum event!


*This photo was grabbed from Trick Eye Museum's blog*


Resorts World Sentosa
Opens daily 10am - 9pm

Child (4-12) $20
Adult (13-59) $25
Senior Citizen (60+) $20

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