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Top 10 Running Man Episodes of 2014

In no particular order... let me present to you the top 10 Running Man episodes of 2014!!!!
(In my opinion, of course.)
(Don't worry I have very good judgement hahaha)

1. Episode 188: Adventure in Australia Part 1

My number 1 favourite episodes of the entire Running Man series would have to be the Adventure in Australia ones. Guests were Rain and Kim Woo Bin. Both so cute heh heh ^-^ It's the coolest episode because they had all these cool missions such as finding the right key to open a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean, string beads while on a fast moving plane, etc.

So cute when Kwang Soo and Rain did the signature cross thing

These costumes were ridiculous, they had to jump while wearing it. Not forgetting the baby Kangaroo soft toy in the costume's pocket! Too cute omg

2. Episode 189: Adventure in Australia Part 2

Plus, the whole time they were doing missions in Australia, they also had to guess which element they were. Basically at the start of Part 1 they were told that among them there are 4 elements - water, fire, air, earth. Completing missions will allow them to get hints as to which elements they are, which will benefit them during the final part of the race.

The guys went a bit high at night and threw everyone into the pool

They were given self cameras to film themselves at night before going to bed. As all Running Man fans know, Gary sleeps naked. In this scene Haha and Kwang Soo went to scare him while he was sleeping LOL POOR GARY

They even made Rain dance with them on the bed in the middle of the night! Total madness.

3. Episode 193: Mafia game Part 1

The most intense and confusing episode ever. Firstly they were put into pairs and had a cross country race, to complete missions to reach their destination. The winning team at the end of the day got to sleep in a camping van and the rest of the teams got tents from large to extremely tiny. Needless to say, the team who came in last had the tiniest tent. It was so so funny!

Crab race where they had to look for crabs in the mud and select their competing crab

The fishing mission. I became so hungry from watching it because they got to eat fresh seafood on the boat! Poor Jae Suk couldn't break his streak of not being able to catch anything every time they go fishing. Haha.

4. Episode 194: Mafia game Part 2

Through out the Mafia race, the members were split into either civilians or mafias. Nobody knows anybody's identity and at the end of each mission, they all get to vote on who they suspect is the mafia. Once voted, their name tags would be torn off to reveal if he/she is a mafia. Losers have to go back to the campsite to cook dinner for the rest. The ending was so damn unexpected! The whole time I couldn't figure out who the mafias were. It was like watching a mystery movie!

5. Episode 187: Han river crossing race

Probably the most heartwarming episode ever. Each of the members went to a different university to carry out their tests to select 2 students as their team members for the episode. Their final task was to build a boat using materials provided (poor Gary's team had to use plastic bags) and cross the Han River using the boat they made. It was crazy!!

6. Episode 181: Find the secret couple

Objective of the episode was to find a hidden couple within them. The hidden couple were given secret tasks to carry out, such as interlock hands or snuggle foreheads without getting caught by the other members. You gotta watch the episode to find out who the secret couple is!

Yep, no surprise who had to become girls for the episode. This is my favourite scene because Jong Kook was trying to act cute/sexy by moving around in a girly way LOL

7. Episode 204: Snow White and the 7 dwarves

I really liked this concept! Fairytale with a twist at the end. The missions were all very interesting as always but my favourite is when the giant balloon had to be filled up with water while the rest complete the mission before the balloon bursts. Poor Kwang Soo was so tall that the balloon kept touching his head. I like how he always voluntarily gets "bullied" by the other members.

8. Episode 214: R-Pop Star Race

After carrying out all the missions, instead of the usual name tag ripping, they had to perform instead. Each team was given a song to perform and they had to imitate the singer.. oh god I can't even. Just look at Kwang Soo HAHAHAHA

Rain, Krystal, Jaesuk & some guy (I forgot his name but I believe their all from the korean drama My Lovely Girl) imitating Michael Jackson. Rain is damn cute!!! Jaesuk just looks like an ajummah...

From left to right: Jongkook, Jihyo, Kwangsoo, Sukjin, Gary

9. Episode 216: Running Heroes

They had to complete missions on the street wearing those ridiculous costumes hahaha my favourites are Yooperman, Kwangvatar and Kookverine! One kid even started crying because Kwang Soo looked too scary. The best scene was when they had to cross from one building to another via a plank - blindfolded!! It was hilarious.

They had to walk the plank blind folded... but there's a catch! Watch to find out, this one was such a great trick by the producers!!

10. Episode 225: 360 Kpop

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo were the guests of this episode. My favourite scene was the staring contest hahahaha they tried making themselves look as ugly as possible so that the other party would blink and even Woo Bin joined in on the fun. He is the main reason why this episode was so funny actually.. I love him haha

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