Sunday, January 18, 2015

Unicorn mane by Headlines Hairdressing


I’ve always wanted to have blue hair and now I do! Thanks to Jerry from Headlines Hairdressing! :) I didn’t have the guts to dye the whole head because that would require bleaching the scalp and my pain tolerance is not exactly high. Decided on turquoise instead of pastel blue in the end cuz Jerry told me that attaining pastel blue would ultimately ruin the condition of my currently healthy hair.

The product used is Mani Panic’s “Atomic Turquoise”. Only bleached twice for the turquoise colour to be this vibrant! Cool huh. It’s kinda a well known brand for hair dyes and not cheap so I can guarantee any colour you choose will turn out amazing. My friend Audrey did purplish pink with Headlines Hairdressing as well and it’s so pretty!!


Brief Q&A for the benefit of those who don't know about them:

Why choose Headlines Hairdressing?
They are the pioneer batch for the Mucota Dyna products and their director, Jerry, is currently Singapore's educator for these products! That means you will definitely be in good hands! Jerry & his team were also the official stylists for Digital Fashion Week 2014, where they styled the hair of 60 over models.

What is Headlines Hairdressing well known for?
Their Mucota Dyna Argan Oil treatment! I did it in my last session before doing a korean perm. My hair went from crazily damaged to healthy & bouncy after just one treatment - I swear it works wonders. More pictures of them here

How much is it to bleach and dye?
Total cost for bleaching twice and dyeing it (like my case) would cost approximately SGD 250 which I think is kinda affordable and super worth it because you would be paying for quality. My hair is still soft and healthy after all that bleaching ^-^

Any ongoing promotions?
Quote "CELINE" to enjoy 10%-30% off all services! (Discount amount depends on what you're doing)

Bleaching in progress

After the bleach!

Went home with bleached ends hahaha so this is how I look almost-blonde

Back to the salon the next day to continue because I can only make it after work and there wouldn't be enough time to do the whole process in one session. Jerry was nice enough to separate it into 2 sessions for me :)

Ming washing my hair for me

I love the blue!!! *.*

Obsessed with my new hair hahahaha


Remember to quote "CELINE" for 10% - 30% off all services!

Headlines Hairdressing
10 Anson Road
International Plaza
+65 62233133 / 98314134

Operating Hours
Mon - Fri: 10.30AM - 8.30PM
Sat: 10.30AM - 7.00PM
Sun: Closed


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