Saturday, February 14, 2015

Talking dreams


Current mood: Happy

Received the best news yesterday! Passed my job probation and I know it's not a big deal because most people expect to pass it but I've always had difficulties in the attitude department. Work thus far has been amazing. I remember those days in my previous 2 jobs, I dreaded work every single day and even tried to think of excuses to go on sick leave. Now that I am in my current job, I like it so much that I skipped my brother's enlistment for work. I don't complain when I have to OT. I even willingly stayed till 9.30pm yesterday to finish up some work. I surprise myself sometimes, haha.

I think it's extremely rare to find a job you love so when you do, treasure it. I've always wanted to be in the media & advertising industry so it's no surprise that I like what I do now. Can't wait to slowly learn the ropes and climb up the corporate ladder in time to come. Another reason why I love my job? My colleagues and bosses are super nice. Like over the top nice :') Plus my really close friends Ruimin & Benson are in the same company as I am (lucky bitches get to sit beside each other!) so that's another reason to look forward to work everyday.

I don't dread Mondays anymore. I'll always prefer the weekends, obviously.
But at least I don't live for the weekends now.
And to me - that's an achievement in life.

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