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Tokyo Day 6 (24 March 2015, Tuesday)

Our last day was crazy!!!! We had to wake up early to check out of the airbnb apartment and lug our extremely oversized / heavy luggages around via train. Encountering stairs was the toughest part because my luggage weighed a ton. We couldn't find a locker big enough for mine so we had to go around the entire station at Shinjuku (trust me, it's sooooo huge we kept getting lost!) in search for the large sized lockers. Wasted a lot of time just trying to deposit our luggages before managing to have lunch nearby.

Shopped a bit and had to rush to take the bus to the airport, couldn't miss it because they don't wait for latecomers but we got lost while looking for the pick up location. I had to literally switch hands while pulling the luggage and carrying the hand carry plus my personal hand bag. Almost burst into tears cuz I was just so frustrated I couldn't manage carrying all of that and running around in circles in the station looking for the correct exit. Not to mention going up and down stairs!! My heart was pounding, hands were hurting like a bitch but my mind kept telling myself I couldn't give up cuz I wouldn't wanna miss both the bus and our flight.

It was an experience I wouldn't want to go through again. Independence is not as easy as it seems. Anyway, I'm finally done with all the Tokyo posts! ^-^ I really enjoyed myself there and I miss everything about it. (Except day 6 haha) The only regret was not booking a hotel room for our final 2 days because if we did - we wouldn't have had to search for a locker. We could've just left our belongings with the hotel counter and go back to claim them before heading to the airport. Lesson learnt!

Check out our living quarters. Complete chaos haha


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