Saturday, April 04, 2015

Vison Data pocket wifi


As most people would know, there is practically no free wifi in Japan. Most places do not have wifi, including our hotel room. The only place that had wifi was our hotel lobby but really - who actually spends time at the lobby?! Moreover, using roaming and charging it to our telcos are extremely costly.

This is when the pocket wifi comes in handy!

VisondataSG (VDS) provides low cost pocket wifi rental services in Singapore that covers more than 70 countries. Each device is able to support up to 6 users, therefore when I brought it to Tokyo my travel companions / roomies didn't have to rent their own. I could browse all of my social media accounts freely even when we were in a temple or on the train. Perfect for a social media addict like myself :)


Thanks to VDS, I was constantly active on instagram and twitter whilst in Tokyo - being able to update them anytime & anywhere! Pocket wifi rental from VisondataSG is really cost saving as local telcos are charging customers minimally $15/day but VDS costs as low as $9/day! The ordering process is simple, you can either choose to pick it up from their office or have it couriered to your designated location two working days before traveling. I had the item couriered to my home for convenience sake.

VisondataSG also offers rental services for power banks at only $2/day with a capacity of 8400 mAh with two outputs. On average, the power bank can charge a device up to 4-5 times. As seen in the pictures, I was provided with both the pocket wifi and power bank. The battery life of the pocket wifi is about a day if switched on for the entire time so we normally took the portable charger with us as well so that we could be connected to the internet 24/7.



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