Saturday, June 27, 2015

Glam Palm


The biggest issue I face every morning is blowing my hair inwards with a round comb and a hair dryer. It doesn't last for more than two hours but I still do it anyway... sadly, the ends stick out by the time I go out for lunch.

I once bought a large round hair curler for $30 and after using it I realised it overheated and I could smell a burnt smell. Since then I never used it. A year later I bought another hair curler from a pop up store but it causes frizz after some time and it was rather huge/heavy. I made do with it. Now I finally realised what people mean by "quality comes first"!

I had the pleasure to work with Glam Palm and I can safely say this: no more bad hair days!!!

Benefits of Glam Palm:
-Healing stone technology
-11 distinct heat settings
-360° swivel cord with zero resistance
-No more frizzy hair
-30 minute automatic shut down safety measure
-Silky touch as material absorbs sweat


My favourite features of this styler is the anti sweat touch because I have sweaty palms 24/7, making it harder for me to hold stuff that are slippery. They are sweaty till the extent of me not being able to type on my touch screen phone cuz yes they are that wet. Annoying, I know.

Another feature I love is the healing stone technology!! With minerals from South Korea, it helps smoothen the cuticle layer of the hair, minimizing damage and producing smooth, shiny and healthy looking hair. This eliminates the usage of hair protectors completely! I personally am too lazy to slap on hair protector most of the time so this is awesome.


A pretty clutch is provided with the full set! Not only that, the styler itself is also extremely compact and light weight. Perfect for travelling! Now I can have curls and straight hair whenever I want, even when I am overseas :) Clips are also provided for sectioning the hair while styling it.

Speaking of which - did I mention that the model I chose has a dual function? It can do both, straightening and curling. Versatile stylers are really ideal for fickle minded people like me because now I can have different hairstyles for different occasions, without having to have 2 separate stylers!


Quote "CELINE" at checkout for $15 off your purchase!



  1. Hi, may I know what model is your glampalm?

  2. Hello! GP201 :)