Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mucota Dyna Argan Oil treatment


Went back to Headlines Hairdressing after going MIA since Feb. Previously did a dip dye blue but after it faded I got bored of long hair plus it was getting a little dry due to the bleach. Thus I made Jerry chop my hair off! Now that it's grown out a bit, the black roots are showing so I'm back for some hair saving! :)

Just a few details for those who've never seen my first blog post on them:

Why choose Headlines Hairdressing?
They are the pioneer batch for the Mucota Dyna products and their director, Jerry, is currently Singapore's educator for these products! That means you will definitely be in good hands!

How long does the Dyna treatment or perm last?
About 6 months on average. The Dyna argan oil treament is my favourite, I did it once before when my hair was crazy frizzy from a bad perm. Now I have healthy hair again wheee!

What are the prices at Headlines Hairdressing like?
For the Mucota Dyna argan oil treatment, it is $350. Quote my name for a 10-30% off!

Ugly black roots and frizzy hair

Hahaha forcing Ming to be in my selfie

Did my hair with Drey! Check out her grey ombre hair on her blog 


Remember to quote "CELINE" for 10% - 30% off all services!

Headlines Hairdressing
10 Anson Road
International Plaza
+65 62233133 / 98314134

Operating Hours
Mon - Fri: 10.30AM - 8.30PM
Sat: 10.30AM - 7.00PM
Sun: Closed


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