Monday, August 24, 2015

If you're not obsessed with the life you're living: Change it.


Last weekend was my first time partying at Zouk members! Not a fan of clubbing cuz I don't dance and the dance floor is always crazily packed.. but members is awesome haha I was sober the entire time that night but I wasn't bored at all. Especially since my friends are so entertaining when they're drunk. *cough* Squek *cough* Scott *cough*

The picture taken with Nick above isn't from Zouk though.. we went to club Trace first but it turned out to be super lame. We left 10 minutes after we set foot in it. Guys please don't bother going there, it's filled with old people, bad music and minion mascots. Yep - you weren't mistaken - minion mascots. The moment I stepped in I was just like "you gotta be kidding me!"

Recently downloaded an app called KFit which is having some sort of promotion now, we get to book unlimited classes within a month for free!! Going for a gym class with Min tonight - operation lose weight let's go! FYI this isn't an ad, I just thought I'd share cuz good things must share right? :) So far I've been to 2 gym classes & a flying fox ride in Sentosa thanks to KFit. Making full use of my one month free trial. The cheapo in me has awaken. Hahaha.

Another piece of good news is that Min, Scott & I finally booked the tickets for our Aussie trip in October! So stoked!!!!

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